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Top Ten Reasons to Come to Lakewinds

And the Top Ten Reasons are!

10) You can escape for a couple of days while telling all your friends that you are taking an important course;
9) You can have great breakfasts, which will keep you full until dinner time;
8) You can sample some fabulous local wines or you can have a diet coke with a straw;
7) You can revel in the company of other people with similar inclinations to yours or you can find a quiet spot and commune with nature;
6) You can go shopping in town or you can be playing 8-ball against Stephen or his son, Charlie. If you don't know what 8-ball is, you must go shopping;
5) You can walk; jog, bicycle, cross-country ski or rollerblade along the Niagara River or you can ride a barrel over the falls;
4) You can sneak up to your room and pretend to nap or you can really have a nap;
3) You can anticipate and enjoy the remarkable natural beauty and interesting history of our region or you can hole up around the pool or fireplace, depending on the season;
2) You can join us as one couple or you can make a group with some of your fun-loving friends; and
1) You can stay with us so that we can show you that we really do try to make our guests enjoy their stay to the fullest.