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High Society is Worth the Trip to Niagara
J  2  & My Wife and I took in High Society at the Shaw May 20th 2006. As always I looked for reviews on the show before purchasing tickets. I found three newspaper critics reviews (JOHN COULBOURN – from Toronto Sun, RICHARD OUZOUNIAN from the Toronto Star, and Gary Smith from The Hamilton Spectator) and the one above from Steve on this site. The three newspaper pundits really gave bad reviews stating that Camilla Scott was not good, that the show was cheap and poorly done, and that the show did not live up to the music of Cole Porter. Needless to say the paid patron hit it on the head. Unfortunately, for whatever reasons these three clowns who call themselves critics do not want people to enjoy this fine show. They could not be more wrong, and should keep their uneducated poor reviews to themselves and to be frank should find work in another field. I mean really, you would think they might be partly right; maybe the show would be weak in some regard. However, a standing ovation at the end of the show was proof enough for me, that the three poorly written critics were wrong. I think if you are going to be a critic you have to look at it from a patron’s point of view as well as an artistic point of view and marry the two ideas to render a properly written review. My guess is these three blind, deaf want a be’s can not be entertained, and have no business telling anyone what entertainment is or is not. Is it the best show I have ever seen? No. Is it worth seeing? Absolutely! If you are looking for a light hearted, fun show with a lot of great performances, I highly recommend, High Society at the Shaw this summer. And that is my review. By the way thanks Steve for a great review I agree with all of your comments.


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