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  • All about Lakewinds;  the rooms, suites, grounds, photos and more.

      • #1 (2nd floor) King or Twin
        This room is decorated in the style of an Italian, Victorian era bed/sitting room. $165-$245

      • #2 Singapore Room (0)

        #2 (2nd floor) Queen
        The Far East inspires the decor here. A room where East meets West! $165-$245

      • #3 Algonquin Room (0)

        #3 (2nd floor) Queen
        The largest of the rooms at this price, this cozy room welcomes you with soft, warm yellow and peach tones. $165-$245

      • #4 (2nd floor) King This dramatic suite is in a wing by itself and has views to the front, side and back of the estate. $195-$295

      • #5 Heaven Junior Suite (0)

        #5 (3rd Floor) King or Twin
        A very serene and secluded hideaway, our Heaven Junior Suite is watched over by a large hand crafted angel. $180-$275  

      • #6 Sans Souci Suite (0)

        #6 (3rd Floor) King
        The French country decor assures that this especially romantic suite offers guests a stay that is truly "without worries". $195-$295  

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